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Government Web 2.0 Taskforce

I am not sure if anyone has heard about the government web 2.0 taskforce ? I have been reading into it quite a bit and also reading some of the submissions that have been made on the site. There are some interesting ideas that have been submitted into the site. I was reading one submission called The Eureka Project which has highlight alot of topics that have previously been covered by Dr Jason Watson through his studies in Enterprise 2.0. You can watch the introductory video here.

I think this type of approach by the Government shows the paradigm shift that is happening and how powerful the medium of Web 2.0 potentially can be. According to The Government 2.0 Taskforce website, it states that they will advise and assist the Government to:

* make government information more accessible and usable — to establish a pro-disclosure culture around non-sensitive public sector information;
* make government more consultative, participatory and transparent — to maximise the extent to which government utilises the views, knowledge and resources of the general community;
* build a culture of online innovation within Government — to ensure that government is receptive to the possibilities created by new collaborative technologies and uses them to advance its ambition to continually improve the way it operates;
* promote collaboration across agencies with respect to online and information initiatives — to ensure that efficiencies, innovations, knowledge and enthusiasm are shared on a platform of open standards; and
* identify and/or trial initiatives that may achieve or demonstrate how to accomplish the above objectives.

I think that the issue of collaboration between government and the public is an important one and deserves investment of time and money. Imagine if you could communicate with government as easy as you could as contacting your friend on facebook? Would that not be a great opportunity to generate collaborative conversation within the community?

Web 2.0 definitely has a place, be it in government, business or in daily life. In the article posted here Stephen Collins discusses the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 and further discussion can also be found here about the Task Force. It covers what the task force has done right and what they can do better.

In reading some of the comments left in the blog posts on the Government Web 2.0 Task Force site I saw one comment left by Andrew Devenish-Meares where he discusses the issue of not being able to read the PDF documents due to a visual impairment.

This is obviously one of the issues with utilising these types of technologies with the community. You need to make it is as accessible as possible to all. However, I do applaud the government for making a step in the right direction they just may need a little help taking it that next step.

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