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DigitalOrgs – A portal to Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0

I was thinking about how we can improve the Digital Orgs Website. As part of our course we are looking at trying to establish and enhance our personal branding. I think at the moment it would be great to work towards a goal of making Digitalorgs a portal or better yet a community that encourages collaboration and communication in relation to Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

At the moment Digitalorgs is filled with information relating to the course (which of course if important for us). However, I would suggest that we develop Digitalorgs to have a feel more like a community rather than a site we need to visit as an alternative to the QUT Blackboard. For example if we were to post about our second assessment item then rather than calling it assessment item 2 we could list it on the site as “current team projects”.

I think with the government 2.0 taskforce now active that the enhancement of DigitalOrgs will allow students in the subject to have a platform to launch the development and promotion of new ideas.

I also think we need to create a mission statement to outline what DigitalOrgs represents and what we as a community want to achieve. I also think that there should be a code of ethics incorporated into the blog so there is a set the rules of what is acceptable.

I would be keen to hear your thoughts on this topic….



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