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Questions for Blog Interview

I will soon be speaking with Brisbane based business that utilisies web 2.0 to communicate with its customer base. I am thinking of the sorts of questions that will be worthwhile. I am interested to know your thoughts. In relation to this particular business they started utilising a corporate blog in May 2005. I recall when I first visited the site in 2005 I thought it was a great avenue to enhance their marketing, branding and public relations with clients.

Some the questions I am posing to ask are;
* What were the reasons why you included blogging into your site in 2005?
* How do you think the use of blogging has enhanced your company marketing, branding and public relations?
* How often do you blog?
* What do you blog about?
* Do you utilise other web 2.0 technologies with your company?
* Are you aware of other web 2.0 technologies?
* Would you be interested in including other web 2.0 technologies to enhance your company marketing, branding and public relations?
* Can you give any indication on Return on Investment (ROI) with your blogging?
* Have you received any feedback from clients in relation to using web 2.0 technologies?

If you can think of other questions I could potentially ask then please post them here. I hope to share the results of my interview in a later blog.


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