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Is your data flexible? Is it future proof?

Data, its control and how users will access it will be a driving force in the future. The shift from a single point of access to multiple access points means that users will want to have access to their data at all times regardless of their location.

Look at the shift from watching television through an analog signal, then to digital and now streaming through the internet through devices such as a TiVo and smartphones. Enhancements in networking technology and infrastructure have allowed for this process to happen.

Similarly, using internet banking as an example, the ability for users to conduct banking transactions from anywhere in the world at anytime provided flexibility of service. Users want that flexibility with any interaction online whether it is watching their favourite TV Show, accessing their Facebook page or updating their personal blog.

With the enhancements in technology such as mobile handsets, smart phones, laptops, portable media, gaming consoles and media centers a framework to build and run applications has been created that has the potential to connect users to their data and applications at all times.

Users now and into the future will want this flexibility and have applications that operate above the level of a single device. Tim O’Rielly has referred to this as software no longer being limited to the PC as its only platform. O’Reilly refers to smart phones having the capability to interact with the cloud so that applications on the smart phone such as your personal contacts are able to be accessed from a PC along with other personal data. The devices will interact with other applications online such as Google Maps to provide a richer user experience.


Webinos is an online open source platform currently under development which aims to enable web applications and services to be used and shared consistently and securely over a broad spectrum of converged and connected devices, including mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car units.

webinos is an initiative of 22 project partners from across Europe, spanning academic institutions, industry research firms, software firms, handset manufacturers and automotive manufacturers. The project has funding for 14 million Euro and is due to finish in 08/2013.

The video below is a great example of how webinos will allow applications to operate across a variety of devices.

The webinos platform has many key features that will guarantee its success in being future proof.

Firstly, it is an open source platform that offers a common set of API’s. This allows greater collaboration and interaction through the development and enhancement of applications on the wininos platform. The common set of APIs will allow applications easy access to cross-user cross-service cross-device functionality in an open yet secure manner.

Secondly, webinos provides security for its users as part of its quality of service.

Context and security are intimately intertwined: rich context is valuable but without user empowered security it becomes a liability. This dual approach is a hallmark of the webinos approach.

According to webinos, the platform will enable secure access private and nonprivate data and services on the cloud, social web, as well as data on the user terminal.

Finally, the webinos platform will make use of the specific capabilities and resources of the underlying hardware platform. This means that the webinos application servers will provide all the back end processing. This will offload the heavy lifting from edge devices to servers and only return lightweight results to the end user devices to provide a more enjoyable experience for the user.

The webinos platform is an excellent example of where the future of applications will need to be. An interaction of applications across multiple devices that offers flexability, functionality and security. Allowing users to access their data and applications from anywhere in the world at anytime across a multitude of devices will ensure that webinos are prepared well into the future.

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